Today we proudly introduce 'RealGirls'

Real Girls.png

RealGirls is a new kind of coloring book, produced by me and my two daughters, over the course of six years. It was created by many artists and features realistic images of girls, for girls, so that they might feel empowered to remain proud and confident. I chose this medium because I was tired of the unrealistic princess and doll representations we give our girls to color when they are so very young, and I wanted to create an alternative choice for parents to give to their girls. Developing a line art style that could accommodate all of the tiny fine details that make girls unique was a challenge that took many months, but the result is 50 pages of girls with myriad beautiful qualities. We have also partnered with Multiple Sclerosis Foundation, Helping Hands Foundation, National Down Syndrome Society, Lucky Fin Project, and The Cleft Lip & Palate Foundation of Smiles, to feature girls they support in this book.