Wilderness is a necessity. John Muir

Wise words followed by Becky and Bob Seemann and it shows in their beautiful creations. 


Creative Jewelry and Wood
From Longville, Bob and Becky Seemann see themselves as
messengers of nature with their handmade nature-oriented silver
jewelry and rustic furniture and accessories available at local art
shows. "We want to help people enjoy, respect and protect the
beauty of the woods, water and wildlife all around us,” Becky
says. They believe that water is our most precious resource and
it’s up to all of us to preserve it for future generations. They give
10 percent of net profits to support environmental organizations
such as Deep Portage Environmental Learning Center to send
kids to camp and Northern Waters Land Trust to preserve land as
a means to protect water.
We love the Northwoods Art & Book Festival because of the
diversity of the artists and writers!