Julien Bradley is our featured author today

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I had not especially aspired to become and Indie author, but I do love telling a good story.

On hiatus between jobs that was slowly syphoning the joy from my career, I used the time to hone my documentation skill and did some free writing. The exercise resulted in 1,100 pages! Encouraged by my daughter Kimberlee, I pitched the story idea to Wise Ink Creative Publishing and the “draft,” after professional editing, has become the first installment in the Bakken Series.

With over 35 years in the health care industry, my story reflects a culmination of real human experiences to create an organic women’s fiction/romance, portraying an honest look into the lives of ordinary people and elevates the under-represented voice of women over 50, breathing new life into the unexpected depth of the “normal” day to day.

Born and raised in Minnesota, Julien Bradley lives with her husband atop the bluffs overlooking the beautiful Hiawatha River Valley in the driftless region of Southeastern Minnesota. She is a member of Romance Writers of America. Beneath the Bedrock is the first in the Bakken series. Between Fracture Lines is due for release in September 2018.

Beneath the Bedrock

Newly widowed, Ramona Brady Strong finds herself grieving doubly when her beloved father dies. After traveling back home to Williston, North Dakota to attend the funeral, she is caught up in a rekindled old romance while having to deal with pressures unique to an oilfield boomtown.

Ramona has inherited of one of the richest untapped oil fields in the region. But the son of an oil tycoon is threatening to usurp the mineral rights of the estate, and the only way to secure her family’s legacy is to drill for oil.

Surrounded by family and friends, Williston begins to feel more and more like home. But as a web of deeply-held secrets begin to emerge, Ramona must decide whether to take control of the family oil business, or sell it all to the highest bidder.