Welcome Tin Cat Studio!

Tin Cat Studio is comprised of husband and wife team Randy & Lisa, who live amongst the corn and hayfields outside of Luck, WI, along with 7 cats and 4 dogs. May-Oct they can be found at their summer home which consists of a white tent at juried Fine Art Shows throughout the region. 

 Randy‘s photographic interests include old barns, trees, rusty cars, abandoned farms and windmills, which are found throughout his body of work. Lisa captures nature’s beauty through macro photography: finding the tiny, little details in the world around us fascinating and a source of joy—great beauty found within a tiny little space.

 Their style can be described as impressionistic photography. Handmade custom frames encase most of their current body of work. Reclaimed barn wood, metal and found objects make up these pieces, creating individual and unique pieces of art. You can find oodles of more information on their website at TinCatStudio.com