Welcome back David Barthel

Raging Roller.jpg

David Barthel


David returns this year with incredible images of Lake Superior’s powerful October 2018 storm. Which slammed huge surf against the cliffs on the North Shore. Actual waves reached as high as 20 feet, causing damage to Duluth's Lakewalk and other structures throughout the region.

 “There’s a sense of spontaneity in photographing moving water in that every photograph is different, and each outcome is rather unpredictable. From a photographer’s perspective, you kind of let nature take over in the moment and review what was captured later.”

 David enjoys being a part of the Northwoods Art & Book Festival each year due to their commitment to presenting quality artwork to buyers who value handmade one-of-a- kind work, and it is one of the few that he exhibits his work every year since he began doing festivals