Grace your dining table with Linda Holliday Pottery


Linda Holliday makes functional pots to be used in your home. She is inspired by all things "Minnesota" - the flora and fauna, the water, the cultures, the change of seasons... and the idea of cooking warm, hearty comfort foods during our long winters.  My pots are meant to be strong and sturdy with somewhat feminine elements of color and design.   

My pots are wheel-thrown or slab-build and altered using a variety of techniques.  They are bisque fired, glazed and then fired again in an electric kiln to a temperature of over 2,200 degrees.  The pots are all food, oven and microwave safe.  If you break one, don't fret. Just throw it away (or build a mosaic stepping stone for your garden) and get a new one!  

While the craft of making functional pots is relatively new to me, I believe I was called to clay since the beginning of my lifetime - or possibly many lifetimes. To see a beautiful pot is a wonder, to touch a beautiful pot is a gift, to use a beautiful pot is a blessing, and to make a beautiful pot... well... for me, is just a necessary lifetime pursuit.