"My Grandma's Hands" by Susan Wardell


My name is Susan Wardell and I am the author of “My Grandma’s Hands“. It is a children’s picture book that shows the role of hands in the relationship between grandmothers and grandchildren. It is told in small vignettes and shows how many grandmas use their hands. It is both humorous and then sobering as the book goes full circle. Illustrated by Katrina Smith, the pictures show various ethnicities, but most of all they show the love given by grandmothers.

I was born and raised in St.Paul, MN, and spent many summers in the Brainerd Lakes area while growing up. I married my husband in 1983, and after raising our four children we were fortunate to be able to retire to our lake home. I was inspired to write “My Grandma’s Hands “ while chasing after our oldest granddaughter in our yard . She nearly fell while running down a hill so I grabbed her hand and said, “Take my hand, it is safer when we’re together.” From those simple words the idea was born and the book was written!

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