Meet James Kelley

"I’ve always enjoyed woodworking and started doing it as a hobby 35 years ago. The majority of my professional career involved working with, or on, computers so at the end of the day it was sometimes hard to view the fruits of my labor - with woodworking it's easy to see what I've accomplished.

 Five years ago, I decided to start making furniture, mainly rustic looking, but I also learned how to weld and started incorporating metal into some of my designs.  One of the most gratifying things about making and selling furniture are the smiles and positive comments when I have been able to create something special for a customer. 

 For most of my furniture projects I use Pine, Oak, Ash or Hickory but I've also done kitchen cabinets, sheds and decks.  If you're looking for something unique or special, stop by and let's talk about what you're interested in."