Crazy Leaf Photography is on their way back to our Festival!


Crazy Leaf Photography is a small nature photography business in Chaska, Minnesota and the artwork of Benjamin and Carolyn Pogatsnik. We specialize in unique nature photos from around our beautiful state. Yes, all of them; all from Minnesota. Photographing “L’Étoile du Nord” or “the star of the north” is, and will forever be, a grand adventure. 

We handle the entire process and creation of our products ourselves. We print all our own images, we cut our own matboard, we also frame many of our images and use photographic canvas stretched over stretcher bars to create gallery wrapped prints that literally pop off of the wall. 

My wife and I spend the summers traveling around the state sharing our photos at art fairs. We spend our nights, weekends, and vacation time hiking, canoeing, camping, and enjoying the great outdoors. The rest of our time is spent at our "real jobs".  My wife and I are both teachers and love educating youngsters as much as photography. I think that’s the reason we love participating in art fairs so much, we get to meet all sorts of people who share our love of the outdoors and photography and get to teach them about our work, our techniques, and about the places we’ve seen and the things we have experienced. My favorite thing is when we have young photographers who spend hours in the tent pouring through every image soaking up inspiration. What they don’t realize is that they inspire us to keep working, to improve our craft, and to get out there and make more great photos.