You just might need one of these on your counter! Welcome Jeff Burger!

I make pots to use. My home is on open field and wooded land that has been passed down through my family in northern Minnesota. In the early 1900’s it was the logging town of Farley, Minnesota. It’s a beautiful spot.

Here in my studio I throw pots. I’m lucky to work both inside and outside. As soon as I have enough greenware ready, I cut and split wood, load the kiln, and prepare for the day-long firing. When a mug or plate or casserole finally comes to the table it’s a good feeling .

I have always used wood and metal and clay to create houses, ukuleles, stoves, and pots. I’m happiest when I build something or puzzle out problems so pottery serves me well.

Woodfired pots have always captured my attention and in 2011 I decided it was time to head in that direction myself. I thank Linda Christensen for her valuable input on the kiln I built and for running the first wood firing with me.

I regularly exhibit in juried shows and participate in art fairs throughout Minnesota. You are welcome to visit my studio showroom here in Turtle River

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