It is a delight to have John Warren return!

Renowned High Arctic bush pilot, Don C. Braun, a native of St. Cloud, MN, and first to land a wheeled aircraft at the North Pole, would share stories of his arctic adventures at the drop of a hat, most often at family gatherings. “Someone should record these stories,” relatives would say as Don was nearing his 80th year. Writer John C. Warren, who married into the Braun family, stepped forward and was able to transform Don’s life story into a fascinating true-life adventure book. Don passed away before the book was published, but his fame as one of the premier high arctic bush pilots lives on today. Don’s fireside narrative of close calls and life in the High Arctic is laced with humor and total honesty. The “Arctic Fox,” as he was known in the North, was superbly resourceful, bailing out of tight situations in his years of High Arctic flying. This is your book, pilots, and all others who love flying. Now in soft cover, this handsome 244-page book includes 32 pages of photographs. Author Warren, who lives in Walker, MN, has been a regular at the Northwoods Art & Book Festival the past 10 years. “I get to meet so many interesting people who, like me, love anything and everything about aviation and the High Arctic. The Art and Book Festival is so well organized, and it is really a joy to attend and participate, whether you are an author or book-lover – or both!” says Warren.