Meet Rosemary Vaughn

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Born and raised on the Canadian prairies, Rosemary Vaughn immigrated with her family to the northern plains of the United States in the mid-1970s. A former professor of Teacher Education, Rosemary has drawn on her experiences in education and having lived on the islands in her debut award-winning novel Love on the Misty Isles. Currently spending summers among the pines of Minnesota and winters in palm-studded Florida, Rosemary has adopted the title of Pine to Palm Writer. Visit Rosemary at her website:

Love on the Misty Isles

The rugged, pristine beauty of the former Queen Charlotte Islands off the northwest coast of Canada forms the back drop for Love on the Misty Isles, a novel in three parts. The twists and turns of the plot revolve around three intertwining love stories that cross generations, cultures, and borders. The characters form a family of sorts in this remote community. Officially named Haida Gwaii, the islands are home to the proud and talented Haida First Nation for whom the environment is very important. “Love,” therefore, in the title refers to more than just romantic love. It is love of culture, the environment, and the familial love of friends. It is a story of love, life, death, loyalty, betrayal, and forgiveness.

Rosemary participated in the 2017 Northwoods Art and Book Festival, which she found very well organized and the attendants very helpful. She also enjoyed the interaction with other authors and being at an event where  the visitors were truly interested in books and talking about them.