Jerry Raedeke -Watercolorist


Jerry Raedeke comes to Northwoods Art & Book Festival with a distinguished past. The renowned wildlife and landscape artists paintings have been shown at major wildlife exhibitions in the nation and have received many prestigious awards. Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year in 6 states including Minnesota. Wildlife mugs with a Raedeke design appeared regularly on television’s, “Northern Exposure”,  and in several movies. Anheuser-Busch commissioned  Raedeke to paint the World-Famous Budweiser Clydesdales in a wildlife setting. He has been in documentaries on public television... Jerry’s list of accomplishments is long and honorable.

Raedeke’s love of the outdoors has also drawn him to conservation. Over his career, he has donated roughly 85,000 prints and over 150 original paintings, with proceeds going towards conservation efforts. He has raised over $5 million for Ducks Unlimited, which is just one of the organizations he works with.

Are you a collector of Jerry's work? He would love to visit with you, and if not, you may become one. Don't miss his collection in the Community Center this Saturday, August 11, from 9-3.