Welcome back Barbara Schlichting!


Barbara Schlichting has always been dreamer, so she writes books. She likes to wander through bookstores and fall in love with fictional characters. She also loves to travel and has had an English penpal for about fifty-five years. Barbara is the author of the First Ladies Dollhouse mystery series, historical fiction as well as picture books and poetry. She has several short stories published. Originally from Minneapolis, she and her family moved further north to Bemidji, MN. The First Lady mystery series is set in downtown Minneapolis. The protagonist, Liv and her husband, Aaron, own the Dollhouse Store. Liv is a distant descendant of First Lady Dolley Madison. Using historical clues, visiting historical sites, talking to her miniature dolls and rearranging the White Houses, and customer inquiries, the reader learns a little bit of history. Historical characters make Modern history. I have attended the Art and Book Festival a number of times and enjoyed it. It’s a great chance for me to meet my readers, and that’s what writing is about. Thank you for giving me the chance to express my thanks for being a fan.