Meet Bing Puddlepot

In front of the MN Art Truck.


Presents his book in front of the MN Art Truck the tale of Jimmy Jonny Brownie, bedtimes and natural consequences.  
You see, Jimmy Jonny Brownie did not particularly like bedtimes.  It would be wonderful, he truly believed, to stay up all night. With the approval of some rather clever parents, he does just that.
The following day, his good friend Ellie Knelly comes over to play, and you'll just have to read the book to find out what happens next.
I wrote this book because most everyone likes to stay up and play when they should be in bed.  I also know kids have the ability to make staggeringly smart decisions--they often just lack experience.  And sometimes as parents, we need to give kids the chance to create "experience" for themselves, or, in lieu of that, read them a good book.
- Bing Puddlepot