Meet Chuck and Paulette Durnam - Extrodinary Artists

Northern Lights Cut 145 Facets 10 hrs in the cutting.jpg

 I have been faceting gemstones for the past 40 years. Since I have enjoyed faceting stones for so long I have studied the characteristics of gemstones and how light works within the facets placed on the stone. Recently I have created my own design, normally round or brilliant cuts have 57 facets. My new design “Northern Lights” has 145 facets. Because of light refraction, this cut throws back triple the amount of light, which means more reflected sparkle! In studying faceted stones we have also taken it to a new level by faceting Lake Superior Agates. These natural stones found and hand-picked by us really showcase well.                                                                                                                            This is a hobby both my wife and I have enjoyed for many years – coming down through the generations.  It is a hobby that we are instilling and passing on to the next two generations as well. We know that with modern technology hand cutting and original thought out patterns are truly a dying art form. We are trying to preserve this art form for lifetimes to come.