We are excited to introduce you to Joanna Dymond

Bring your children, grandchildren and yourself! Do not miss this special presentation!

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Howling Yowling Growling with the River Pack. Meet award winning author and wolf advocate Joanna Dymond who will talk about her book for children - the true nature of the wolf, the many ways they communicate, how they live as a family, raise their pups, and live free. Then join the art class with Joanna and create your own wolf. Joanna will be outside the UCC at 10:00 a.m. at the Northwoods Art & Book Festival for a Children's Presentation.
Watercolor pencils and art paper provided. Prizes and a surprise guest.

Howling Yowling Growling with the Lost River Wolf Pack introduces children to the wolf of northern Minnesota, a highly intelligent, playful animal, devoted to its family or pack. The book is divided into five episodes, each describing a day in the life of an individual wolf. It explains how the wolves raise their young, coordinate hunting, form friendships, feed the pups and elderly wolves, and joyfully play together, embracing a culture of cooperative living similar in many ways to the human family. Readers meet Kohanamaku, the alpha wolf and leader of the pack; his brother Bonga, the beta wolf who is second in command; Shuggy, a cousin who loves flowers; Sensor, the omega wolf who babysits the pups and acts as court jester; and Argon, a lone wolf. They also meet the pups, Mitey, Louie, and Blossom, their mother Danita, the alpha female wolf; and grandpa wolf Mahlon, the retired alpha. The episodes show how the wolves handle imminent danger from hunters and trappers surviving through their quick thinking. Winner of the 2016 Purple Dragonfly Honorable Mention.