Meet Shirley Johnson

Hackensack has been part of my life for 53 years. Our family would visit my husband's parents at a small cabin during the fishing opener, and some weekends in the summer. Eventually, Hackensack became our home after we retired. While Snowbirding in AZ  I received a letter in the year 2000 from Joanne Morén and Ann DeGray asking me to join  the chorus of "The Ballad of Lucette". It was so much fun! I was hooked, joined the Northwoods Arts Council that year and soon  became treasurer for NAC.

I have made many good friends in the community since I have joined. Although, I love to sing, I really do not have an artistic ability, but I do have organizational skills for behind the scenes, and an exceptional talent for volunteering. (Shirley is also treasurer for three other local organizations.)