The return of the 'Hackensack Hot Jazz Festival'

Northwoods Arts Council Announces 2016 Hackensack Hot Jazz Festival

The Northwoods Arts Council (NAC) is excited to announce the return of the "Hackensack Hot Jazz Festival" on July 8-9, 2016. The 2015 festival was a sizzling success, where guests enjoyed the music of Josh Duffee & His Big Band, plus dancing and refreshments.

Josh is regarded as one of the world’s greatest 1920’s style percussionists. He performs at numerous jazz festivals and concerts world-wide, and we’re lucky to get him back! Josh and his band take great pride in authentically representing 1920’s -1940’s jazz and big band era music. 

The NAC is a non-profit organization based in Hackensack, dedicated to “bringing the arts to life” in our area. If you’d like to help bring this popular event back in 2016 by making a donation to the NAC and/or volunteering for the festival, please call Linda at 218-363-3634. For more information about the NAC, please visit our website For more information on Josh Duffee, please visit