Art Workshops and Exhibits

April 1, 1995 Landscape Painting Demonstration & Workshop presented by Jerry Korte

September 30, 1995  Watercolor Demonstration and Workshop presented by Betty Saur from Bemidji

March 22, 1997  Photography Workshop presented by Bim Moeglein at WHA High School

May 17, 1997  Acrylic Painting Workshop presented by Sara Hanlon at Pine River High School

August 8-12, 1997  Chinese Modern Art Exhibit & Sale held at the Hackensack Bank; Paintings collected by Warren Bigelow of Bloomington, MN during his many business trips to China were displayed and offered for sale (prices ranged from $75 - $350).

September 11, 2002  Music by Computer presented by Dr. Richard H. Smith, local musician, choir director and composer, held in his home. He explained and demonstrated composing and performing music using the latest computer technology.

September 18 & 25, 2002  Saving and Savoring Your Family Stories...A Venture into Memoir Writing presented by Penelope Swan, local writer and poet. The people who attended these sessions were so interested that a small group formed and met through the fall season.