2019 Northwoods 24th Annual Art & Book Festival

Saturday, August 10, 2019 9am-3pm


Saturday, August 10:  The Northwoods Art and Book Festival will feature over 50 artists and 30+ authors. A presentation at 11:00 a.m in the UCC ‘Murder She Writes Again and Again’ featuring Marlene Chabot, Pat Dennis and Christine Husom as presenters. The Minnesota Art Truck “Baxter” once again rolls into Hackensack for the 24th Annual Art & Book Festival. Owner Matt Swenson returns with a fresh assortment of vibrant Midwest artists original work, and he delivers a box-load full of something for everyone! The Festival will take place along Lake Avenue East with a full lineup of tents featuring one of a kind art and the Community Building will be bursting full of artists and a few authors and inside the United Congregational Church will be full of authors waiting to sell and sign their books for you. 

The 2019 festival will feature Food Trucks Finer Meats & Eats is located on 38th and Nicollet in South Minneapolis, they will have a wide range of food from breakfast to lunch. Your sweet tooth will be pleased with here Comes Ice Cream to the Rescue!! That is the motto of 9 Yum Yum, the  ice cream ambulance of the Twin Cities.  They strive to come to your rescue with delicious ice cream treats.  We carry unique, local ice creams and popsicles. What Festival would be complete without the aroma of Kettlecorn served by Up North Kettlecorn II.

Wayne and the Boys will entertain you as you meander the grounds with wine or beer served by the Hackensack American Legion and an exciting edition making their first appearance will be the ‘Church Pie Ladies’!

Come hungry for new art, books and food. The festival will run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.